Pregnancy and Children

Problems and concerns today about your own health and the health of your child are too often accepted as being “part of life”, or “normal”.

It is easy to confuse COMMON with NORMAL. One thing we do know is that in the majority of cases, these presenting symptoms are accompanied by evidence of subluxation, or nerve irritation.

As Chiropractors, we remove subluxations using gentle, specific adjustments. This relieves nerve irritation and allows your nervous system (the master controller) to work toward healing itself.

“Children do not need help to be healthy, they just need no interference”

For A More Comfortable Pregnancy…Try Chiropractic !

More and more pregnant mothers are realising that they can have more comfortable pregnancies with the help of gentle, conservative Chiropractic care. They are often pleased to be visited by their Chiropractor after giving birth to aid their recovery.

During pregnancy a womans body must make many changes to accommodate a new life. Curves in the back and neck change, weight distribution is altered, and hormones encourage widening of the pelvis. This makes pregnant females more prone to back and neck pain, not to mention leg, groin and pelvic pain.

The birthing process, whether natural or C-section, can place much strain on the neck and spine of a young baby. Infants from the time they are born can benefit from a Chiropractic check-up too! It is gentle and safe, so much so that sometimes their sleep can go undisturbed during an adjustment!

As children grow, reaching milestones such as sitting and standing, to playing sports and unavoidable falls and bumps, it makes sense to visit the Chiropractor to monitor their spinal health.

“One adjustment in the child is worth 50 in the adult”

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